August 4 - 14, 2000

The OZ TaiChi Chuan experience is an opportunity to focus on quality of life for your mind, body, and spirit. For up to ten days each summer students and teachers of the Nanjing integrated TaiChi Chuan form come together to focus on their TaiChi, liberally supplemented with Qigong and a high quality vegetarian cuisine.

Here is what a typical day might look like:.

Advanced Techniques (7:00 A.M.)

More advanced students meet early each morning to start their day, and share some of what they have learned and picked up throughout the year. For the most part it is a time for the TaiChi Stick form, SanShou, and BaGua practice.

TaiChi Stick Form

Students and instructors gather early each morning.

BaGua Practice

Breakfast (8:00 A.M.)

Breakfast is served at or around 8:00 A.M.. It is a light eastern continental style breakfast made up of hot, black Chinese tea, Japanese umeboshi plums, and chapati served with tahini and miso.

Morning Tea & Umeboshi

Main Morning Session (9:00 to 11:00 A.M.)

The main morning session is comprised of an energy building QiGong session, followed by TaiChi Basics, and the TaiChi Chuan Solo form. It tends to be an excellent workout, with individualized lessons for each participant in the solo form.

Morning QiGong

Meeting on the hill for the main morning session.

TaiChi Chuan Solo Form

Lunch (12:00 P.M.)

The community / family style lunch is the largest meal of the day. Each meal is a macrobiotic inspired vegetarian meal comprised of one grain dish, dark leafy greens, soup, and many side dishes which vary with each day. Diet is an important part of the TaiChi Complex, and what is served at each meal is designed to provide to promote good health, nutrition, and clean energy for your body.

Vegetarian Cuisine
After lunch is a time when many just relax and rest from the mornings exertions. Some take advantage of the community library in the main lodge... books and magazines brought by participants covering a large variety of subjects and perspectives. It is easy to find stimulating conversation over a range of unique, TaiChi/Health related topics.

Fresh Garden Vegetables a daily treat!

Partner Basics (4:00 to 6:00 P.M.)

During partner basics participants can meet together to learn more about interacting in a martial way with others. In the spirit of helping each other, participants learn to listen to the movement of a partner through instruction in the TuiShou and counter forms which come out of the TaiChi Chuan solo form. It is fun and exhilarating to learn about the subtleties of human biomechanics and energy.

Partner Basics in the afternoon -- interacting with energy and movement.

Tea Time & Treats(6:00 P.M.)

Every evening many participants gather at the lodge for tea and a small snack. It is a time for a little light eating before the evening session. Left overs from lunch are often available together with fruit or a natural dessert prepared with care.

Main Evening Session (7:00 to 9:00 P.M.)

Every evening participants meet near or in the barn for a medical qigong set followed by the TaiChi Chuan solo form. Instruction in the form is also given at the conclusion of the solo form for those still learning.

Evening QiGong

TaiChi Chuan solo form every evening